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How To Optimise Your Risk Capital Expenditure And Cut Your Insurance Costs

The key to optimizing risk capital expenditure is to regularly benchmark, not just your premiums, but also your coverages/indemnity levels, deductibles and cost of risk. If you are over-insured, you have wasted funds through unnecessary expenditure. On the other hand, if you are under-insured, you run the risk of experiencing loss because of an un-insured event requiring an unplanned and possibly significant capital contribution. read more

Make Your Insurance Program Match Your Actual Risk Management Needs

Best practice in corporate governance necessitates impartial reviews periodically to determine the adequacy of insurance programs and risk management systems. Our Insurance Review process provides an in-depth view of current management activities including gap analysis, policy wording, technical analysis, benchmarking and risk management.

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Industry Case Studies

The operators of one of Australia's major international airports commissioned us to undertake a review of its multi-million dollar insurance portfolio.

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